Flower Depot

Flower Depot Inc. is a pioneering Philippine Flower Farm.  Started in 2002, Flower Depot has now been courageously venturing out into growing, tilling and harvesting our flowers through sustainable agriculture. We have the help of our farm managers, Toto and Dadang, both natives from Bukidnon. They have imparted to us the wisdom and heritage of their ancestors on natural methods of flower farming. Alongside their wealth of knowledge on natural methods, we have merged technology and science, to implement agricultural techniques that build our soil fertility, while protecting our air, water and wildlife. We have merged and developed a deeply rooted natural system of crop production, pest management, and weed and fungal control. We have also learned through biodynamic farming, to follow the cycles and phases of the moon in scheduling our pest management and control, taking into account that the life cycles of these creatures that coincide with the moon’s phases. Aside from sustainable agriculture, our farm encourages careful water use, energy saving initiatives, greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts, waste management and product packaging minimization. See Sustainable Agriculture.

It is 2011 and we promise to provide you with vibrant, healthy, beautiful flowers that are sustainably grown. Your flowers are the result of the dedication and diligence of a handful of farmers in Bukidnon, a number of them natives. All our flowers are grown, harvested and packed by hand. Each Flower Depot bouquet is hand selected, carefully arranged, and shipped fresh from our flower farm with a commitment to protect our environment and also enhance the lives of our workers. By practicing sustainable farming, we hope to build a better and more sustainable future, and lighten our footsteps on the planet. We hope to transform the floral industry to growing and harvesting flowers that safeguards the environment, ecology and the well being of farm workers.

At Flower Depot, you will enjoy fresh, vibrant and living flowers at economical prices. We want everyone to support sustainable farming and enjoy the healthy fruits of our harvest.


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  1. Hi, our group is trying to promote sustainable living here in Camp Phillips. We have a blog called. Mountain Fresh (plantationsustainableliving.wordpress.com). I was hoping to visit your place as sort of an educational experience for us. We are into organic farming – vegetables and rice – as well as flowers. We are really hobbyists, not so much into commercial production (and no intention to do so). Do you accept visitors? If yes, what is a good time to go. Thanks.


    • Yes we do love having guests over! Especially those who have the intention of promoting sustainable living. Please do visit us. Early morning or right after lunch is a good time. When are you planning to go so we could have someone there to give you a tour.


  2. Thank you so much. We are hoping to go there this Monday morning. There will be three of us. I hope to take pictures if that’ll be okay.


  3. Posted by M on July 5, 2011 at 3:13 am

    I love your site!!! Would you so kindly email me privately. I would love for us to visit.

    Thank you very much.


  4. can i still deliver a rose from someone by purchasing it through your flower shop? may i know where are your shops located


  5. Posted by SARI KEM on September 1, 2011 at 6:19 pm



  6. Posted by nace jan on February 11, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    Hi do you supply flowers for a flowershop from butuan city by any chance? Glad for any reply. Tnx


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